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What are the main topics on this site? is a site dedicated to the best love quotes and quotations about love. These love quotes were collected from many different sources over the course of many years. For the most part, I collected quotes serendipitously, while reading, and saved them to notebooks and flash cards. Eventually I converted my collection into the site that you see here.

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Choosing the Right Love Quotes

All of the love quotes that I selected made an impact on me in some way, though it should be understood that I do not necessarily share the sentiments or viewpoint of many of the writers quoted here. In fact, some of the love quotes have a decidedly unromantic view and many of these so called love quotes espouse views that would today be considered sexist. In fact, if you review the quotes from several of the more frequently quoted writers such as Oscar Wilde, Goethe and de Rouchefoucauld, their world view seems to be that women's highest ambition is to marry while men should avoid the these snares and marriage traps as long as possible. Perhaps this was the mindset of women back then, but I am personally happy that much progress has been made towards sexual equality. And besides, one must always keep in mind the personal biases of the people quoted. Oscar Wilde's preference, for example, was not for women, so his views of relationships with he opposite sex must be viewed in that light.

So why include some of these love quotes? I think that it is important to include more than one viewpoint. After all, love is not all sweet, and no one experiences the emotion the same way. So even if you find yourself completely disagreeing with the quotation, it is still useful because very often we learn more about our views on a subject when we understand how they are different from other viewpoints. As well, some of the more prehistoric quotes which paint women as dependent and passive participants in love are interesting as a sort of social archaeology, or a benchmark of just how far we have come.

I have added a fairly large section of quotes about breaking up and divorce which may seem unusual for a site about love quotations, but the fact is that anyone who has had any experience in love knows, not every relationship lasts. The emotions we feel when a relationship ends, and in the aftermath of a breakup, are just as valid and important as the first excitement of new love. I hope that these quotes fill a void by commenting on the end of love, and not just its idealized beginnings. After all, not everyone lives happily ever after.


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