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The Meaning of Flowers

This is a dictionary of flowers and their symbolic meaning.

What is the meaning of flowers?

Flower meanings

Red Roses are often sent as a symbol of love. But did you know that different types of flowers mean different things? There is in fact a code or language of flowers that you can use to send a message to your sweetheart.

The Language of Flowers is the method of using flowers as types to express thoughts and feelings. In this language, various flowers are associated with different emotions and feelings.

The art of using flowers to convey messages originated in ancient times, when the custom was better understood and more generally practiced than at present. Today, only some flowers - such as red roses - have a commonly known meaning; however most flowers actually have a symbolic meaning to those who understand it.

An extensive flower language was developed in the western part of Asia at a remote period, but the Greeks and Romans conveyed to us the most authentic record of its use and application. Though nations widely remote from each other cultivated the use of such a language, it is interesting to note that they agreed in applying the same sentiment to many of the flowers. For instance, the amaranth signifies immortality ; the oak leaf,power ; the moss rosebud, a confession of love; and the white rose, happy love. The following is a partial list of the more important flowers used in expressing sentiments :

The Symbolism of Flowers

This is a chart that sets out the traditional flower meanings. I have to say that I have not even heard of some of these flowers and if I sent someone these I suspect that they would not even know what I meant. Still, it is interesting to see what they supposedly mean. So the next time you get a flower bouquet, you can try to analyze it for hidden meanings.

Anemone Anticipation
Apple Blossom Preference
Aspen Leaf Fear
Brier Insult
Buttercup Riches
Camellia Illness
Calla Pride
Candytuft Indifference
Cornflower Heaven
Cowslip Youthful Beauty
Cypress Death
Daffodil Unrequited Love
Daisy Simplicity
Dandelion Coquetry
Evergreen Hope
Everlastings Undying Affection
Fern Forsaken
Five-leafed Clover Bad Luck
Forget-Me-Not True Love
Four-leafed Clover Good Luck
Foxglove Insincerity
,Geranium Deceit
Goldenrod Encouragement
Heather Loneliness
Heliotrope Devotion
Hepatica Anger
Honeysuckle Fidelity
Hyacinth Sorrow
Ivy Trustfulness
Laurel Fame
Lilac Fastidiousness
Lily Majesty, Purity
Lotus Forgetfulness
Marigold Contempt
Moss or a dry twig Old Age
Myrtle Wedded Bliss
Narcissus Vanity
Oak Leaf Power
Orange Blossom Marriage
Oxalis Pangs of Regret
Palm Leaf Conquest
Pansy Loving Thoughts
Poppy A Tryst at Evening
Rosemary Remembrance
Rue Repentance
Scarlet Geranium A Kiss
Snowdrop A Friend in Need
Sting Nettle Rudeness
Sweet William Gallantry
Tuberose Bereavement
Tulip Boldness
Violet Modesty
Yellow Rose Jealousy


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